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Apathy, Belligerence, Bureaucracy, Hubris, Hypocrisy, Pettiness, Pretension

What do these seven contemptible things have in common?

It's been several months since Dean Maynard and Jane Stewart parted ways in The Fool - a fateful decision, a heated investigation, and one regrettable night have led to their mutual separation.


Lucy Fellman tries to distract her team from the pain of loss as the Department of Justice spends the long summer preparing for what seems like an inevitable showdown between humans and juristic persons.  Yet she too must face trials of her own against opponents from all sides.

The ever-skeptical Justice Ewen Miller leads an inquest into the mysterious death of fellow judge, Howard Mason, only to uncover a world of dark arts and occult supernatural forces.  Things grow ever more sinister as he begins to suspect the workings of an ancient secret society of powerful compurgators.

Rob Lexington and his friends set out to bring about law and order to Caprea, but soon find themselves dragged into the strange and uncanny sphere of a stage magician calling himself Karmi.

In a battle fought with swords and sorcery, which side will prevail?

Continue now this fantastical tale of love, action, intrigue, and will.

Coming 2018, the second installment of the epic fantasy series, Thelema: Mystic Will.

If you enjoy it, please consider buying the full version.


Members of the press may contact me to request a free electronic copy of the full version for review.

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