Thoughts on the Recent Bomb Threats

By now, you’ve doubtless heard the news of several bomb threats made against George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Eric Holder, John Brennan, Maxine Waters, and CNN headquarters. At the time of this writing, the news is still fresh, and my perspective may change as new information is released, but these are my initial thoughts.

Let me start off by saying that I condemn all violence, even against people I despise, and would agree with those who say these threats are politically-motivated acts of terrorism. My preference is for civil discourse and persuasion as a means of resolving disagreements.

That said, let us not pretend that the subjects of these attacks are themselves perfect angels, as they and their supporters would have you believe.

George Soros stands charged of undermining the sovereignty of western nations by leveraging his Open Society to fund the migrant crisis in Europe, violent left wing groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the U.S., and possibly the migrant caravans arriving from Central America as well.

Hillary Clinton has called for incivility and labeled millions of Americans as deplorable racists, stoking a nuclear conflict with Russia, and driving identarian wedge issues, while she herself may have had a hand in the death of U.S. Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, approved sales of uranium to hostile foreign powers, abused her husband’s rape victims, and destroyed the nation of Haiti through her Clinton Foundation with laundered Saudi money.

Eric Holder and Maxine Waters have both called for incivility and even outright violence as well, suggesting that Trump supporters be assaulted and their homes broken into as they sleep.

John Brennan has peddled conspiracy theories about Trump as a Manchurian candidate, which CNN has all too willingly boosted, inciting mass hysteria among the masses, leading many to believe that Trump is Hitler reborn and we’re living in 1930s Weimar Germany.

Again, I don’t condone violence as a solution, regardless of which side does it; but such irresponsible rhetoric comes with consequences and cannot go unchecked for long before someone eventually responds in kind. When you call for violence and incivility, be prepared to receive it yourself, for to allow such behavior to carry on with impunity only invites more of the same, and people can only be oppressed for so long before they eventually grow weary of it. A bully will shove you and hit you, kick you and beat you when you’re down, and only when you turn around and strike back in defense will they cry crocodile tears and start calling for peace as a solution.

The media-political complex has already begun blaming Donald Trump for this, even though he sent the Secret Service and the FBI to deal with the matter immediately. Anti-Trumpers mock the fact that Trump had read prepared remarks from a teleprompter, despite Hillary also reading from a sheet of paper, and ignoring the obvious truth – that there is good reason for anyone to weigh their words carefully in a time of uncertainty and emotional upheaval.

The talking heads of the mainstream corporate media are all quick to point the finger at Trump, accusing him of inciting violence among his supporters, whilst ignoring their own role, their own responsibility, their own part in causing chaos and unrest. Twitter has allowed the proliferation of the hashtag #MAGABomber, supplying tinder to the flames of civil war and revolt across social media, without regard for the psychological influence this will have on people.

Again, the event is still fresh and the perpetrator remains at large, so I’ll not claim to know with certainty who is behind it. If it turns out a Trump supporter did commit these acts, I shall disavow them in the strongest possible terms. However, I think it’s grossly irresponsible to proliferate such an accusation absent any corroborating evidence.

Not that the left cares about such trifling things as evidence, as we saw in the case of Kavanaugh.

Having said that, I should like to put forth a theory of my own, which I shall qualify. There is no denying that these threats have been made. The question we must ask, however, is who benefits by them?

Currently, it’s widely believed that a Trump supporter was responsible, given that all the targets were prominent left-leaning figures, and Donald Trump himself has often regarded CNN as being fake news. While he often exaggerates and even outright lies, it’s important to bear in mind that the media-political complex itself does indeed warrant criticism for its own abysmal behavior over the last two years, and even well before that.

Again, they are no angels, and karma’s a bitch.

It’s wholly possible a disgruntled and hypnotized Trump supporter was behind this, but does that motive make sense? Donald Trump is already the President. The Republicans control the House, the Senate, and many of the governorships. Both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have been confirmed, securing conservative control of the courts for years to come. They currently hold all the power.

The Democrats, meanwhile, appear to have no coherent policies or plans or consistent principles apart from a general resistance to Trump at all costs, a lust for power, and further devolution into socialism. Even many moderate leftists are disgusted by their calls for incivility and the zeal with which they have wed themselves to identity politics. Hillary Clinton was not only defeated in 2016, but has been demoralized and continues to humiliate herself by blaming everyone else for her loss. Wariness of George Soros and the media political complex is at an all-time high, while violence seems to be ramping up disproportionately among radical leftists, even as the gun owners of the right stay their hands in the face of it.

What little power the left has is quickly evaporating, with even their own agents in the missing link media now casting doubt on a Blue Wave.

There is high confidence among Trump supporters – and even several Trump critics – that a Red Tsunami is imminent. Thus, what does it benefit the right to throw away such gains, abandoning the high ground, for the sake of a politically-motivated attack so close to the midterms? None that I can see. However, it would make sense for a radical leftist – perhaps even one of the victims themselves in this case – to stage a false flag attack as a distraction in an effort to regain power and relevance by garnering sympathy while opportunistically painting Trump and his supporters as the violent authoritarians they’d been warning about this whole time.

Such a tactic is not without precedent as Hitler himself – the real Hitler – burnt down the Reichstag and blamed the communists for it, which in turn propelled him and the Nazis to further power within the Weimar Republic.

I realize this is a bold claim requiring considerable evidence, but let us consider a few things we know so far.

Say what you will about the man, Donald Trump represents a clear defiance to the powers that be, a disrupting of the status quo. He is a wrecking ball to the mainstream media and the political establishment, the moneyed interests who back them, and all that we despise about the news and politics in general. He won because the people had elected him as their champion, in spite of all his character flaws, because they were tired of being oppressed by a system that didn’t care about them.

As a result, those within the established order have tried to take him down several times, even before he got elected, and several times since then.

During the campaign, a man rushed the stage at one of his rallies. CNN gave him a platform to claim he only wanted to take Donald Trump’s podium. It later turned out this man had a knife. You might also recall the man who tried scaling the side of Trump Tower. When caught, he claimed it was merely a stunt; but given that Trump lives in the penthouse, this seems like another clear assassination attempt. Trump was vindicated for his claims that Obama had wiretapped him during the election, and recently a mass shooter threatened one of his hotels in Washington D.C.

Envelops of white powder have been sent to his family, and General Mattis was sent Ricin – a deadly toxin. Prominent conservatives from Ben Shapiro to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Ann Coulter, Blaire White, Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, and Milo Yianopolous have all been threatened, harassed, or assaulted over the past two years. The main thread that binds them is a general support for Donald Trump, whereas those Republicans who stand in opposition to him seem to escape the scorn and ire of leftist mobs.

Something else that may have escaped your notice is the fact that the White House also received a bomb threat amidst these others, yet I doubt you heard CNN talking about it.

I’ve often said that House of Cards is very prescient, and in the show, Frank Underwood created a false flag terror threat to rig an important election. Trump reflects Underwood in many ways, so it’s not impossible to think that the White House bomb could be the false flag, to throw off the scent. I say it’s possible, but unlikely, because again what motive would he have for attacking his political opponents and giving them ammo to use against him when everything seems to be working in his favor?

In a thread on Twitter, Tom Sauer, a former Navy officer and bomb disposal expert, weighed in on the subject, suggesting that most bombs are hoaxes. He went on to say that the ones in this case were very poorly made, likely fashioned in such a way to let the victims know it was obviously a bomb. So the message was more important than the violence. He also highlighted that the police claimed the device “appeared” to be functional, but in actuality they were not.

Several other experts have since concurred with this assessment.

A number of CNN pundits had refused to evacuate when the alarms in their building went off during a broadcast. Given that the devices appeared to be hoaxes, and the fact that CNN refused to report on the White House bomb – and given their general disdain for the President – one has to wonder if maybe they knew something the rest of us didn’t and should we take that as evidence of a false flag committed against themselves?

One would think that a group of rabid, brainwashed, fascistic ammo-sexuals could at least be relied upon to murder the intended targets instead of just making idle threats and letting their targets walk away.

Though I suppose the anti-Trumpers will chock that up to low-IQ rather than ever admit they were wrong about anything.

Jack Posobiec – also a veteran Navy intelligence officer and alt-media figure – has asked some very interesting questions, such as why were reporters allowed to photograph a supposedly live bomb. He also noted early on that the device could be a hoax – several hours in advance of the NY Times – and how suddenly everyone stopped talking about Jamal Khashoggi.

Again, who benefits by these attacks?

Photos of one device show what appears to be an ISIS flag. If these bomb threats aren’t a leftist ploy, another possibility is they are a coordinated attack by the Saudi regime to deflect our attention from Khashoggi while casting aspersions on Donald Trump, undermining his credibility at home as a form of leverage for pressing the matter.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the Saudis committed acts of terror on the United States and then blamed someone else for it.

Others have pointed out that the packages don’t have postal seals on them, suggesting they weren’t sent through the mail (where they’d likely be detected), but rather were hand-delivered to the intended targets. This raises yet another red flag, as who would have access to all these powerful leftists to be able to make such a coordinated attack in so short a time, and are we to believe that they open their own mail unscreened from random strangers?

Between security cameras and fingerprints, I imagine we’ll learn who the culprits are very soon, and I’d consider it suspicious if we didn’t.

Again, I realize this is an extraordinary theory, and I am willing to remain open to the possibility new evidence could see it struck down. Whether it was a Trump supporter, a radical leftist, or an Islamic extremist, we’ll see as this unfolds; but for now, as we wait, consider how the timing of these attacks is all too convenient and would make for a perfect October Surprise.

Be wary, and let us return once again to civility and order, to remove all doubt from our minds and come together as a unified country once more, against our common enemies – whether foreign or domestic.

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