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The Man Behind the Curtain

Trump facepalm

"Humans think they are rational, and they think they understand their reality. But they are wrong on both counts." ~ Scott Adams

So, it's occurred to me that, in spite of all the profound good Donald Trump has done, both as President and in the course of his life, there are still a lot of people who think he's literally Hitler and needs to be impeached or worse. They're angry, frightened, confused, and can't understand how or why he ever got elected or why any otherwise good and decent human being could ever or would ever support him.

Here's how you get it.

Some of the things you're concerned about are indeed quite legitimate, but I would say over 90% of it is just reacting to theatre. You're watching pro-wrestling as if it were real. You're watching a horror movie as if ghosts and monsters are real. They're not.

You've been involuntarily flung into the land of Oz and, like Dorothy, you're reacting to the fiery orange wizard floating about, not realizing it's just a clever act designed to safeguard the people of the Emerald City, when behind the curtain stands a man who's really just a regular guy doing the best he can to leverage his particular talents to help make people's lives better.

The wizard is a lie and a liar, but it's not meant for you, it's meant to serve you.

In this article, I'm going to use the Persuasion Filter to pull back the curtain for you and help you see what's really there so that you can hopefully stop being so afraid and wake up from the nightmare to find yourself back home in your bed safe and sound, surrounded by the loved ones you left when you went to sleep on election night and a twister blew through your world.


"Trump’s unexpected win created a persuasion bomb that no one knew how to defuse. The anti-Trumpers were locked into their Hitler movie, and confirmation bias would keep them there. It was a terrible situation for a country. And it was an enormous challenge for Trump, the Master Persuader." ~ Scott Adams

Part of the reason someone like me can support Donald Trump is that his victory aligned with my expectations of reality and with my own preferences. I'm a libertarian. Donald Trump is very clearly not. Many anti-Trumpers believe he's the polar opposite of that - an authoritarian - so how then can it be that I would align myself with him?

The simple answer is, there was no other option.

Now, you might hear that and think there are always plenty of options. Technically yes, but none that mattered. The only real options were between Trump and Hillary and I viewed Hillary as the greater evil, given how corrupt she was, how she lied about her emails and put the country at risk, her involvement in Libya, how she defended her husband's sexual misconduct, and I just didn't agree with her on a single one of her policies besides abortion.

Glass ceiling or not, she was an automatic non-starter. I would have sooner had Bernie Sanders than her, but she screwed him too, and Elizabeth Warren wasn't running. She embodied all that was wrong with our political system, running against an outsider who promised real change and had a chance of delivering it.

"Literally anyone but Hillary," is how most people felt.

For years, I've tried to persuade my fellow libertarians that, because of the way our electoral system is set-up, we have an inevitable, inescapable two-party system that forces you to pick the lessser of two evils. Anything else is, practically speaking, a waste of your vote, unless by some miracle a third of the country spontaneously agree on the same third-party candidate but it's hard to compete when people don't even know who you are and all eyes are on the big two:

Practically speaking, it was Trump or Hillary. Anything else was a lie and you'd be stuck with one or the other. I wish that wasn't the case. I wish we had a Trump that kept all the good with none of the bad, but no one gave us that option so we all had to hold our breath and hope for the best and hope the decision didn't come back to bite us in the ass.

Over a year later, most Trump supporters feel vindicated in that decision.

Could things be better? Absolutely. But they could be a lot worse too. A lot worse. They could be everything his detractors thought would come to pass - people in gulags and blood ankle-deep in the street with us heavily engaged in occupying foreign lands while the economy feel through the floor at home and the oceans were on fire.

None of that happened. It was all smoke and mirrors hysteria conjured by the media-political complex that felt threatened by a President Trump. An elite that tricked you into buying their bullshit.

If your anger should be anywhere, it's at the mainstream media-political establishment.

Part of the reason I'm writing this article is because I sympathize with you. Had it not been for the intervention of a handful of great teachers, I would be very much in the same position you're in now - feeling angry, helpless, pessimistic, and afraid. Truly, I never once felt optimistic about America until Donald Trump came to power. Had Hillary gotten in, it would have been more of the same we had under Carter, Bush, Bill, W, Obama, and the rest of them - a situation that was intolerable to me, and to many Americans as well.

This country couldn't afford her, so we took a chance on change and we thank God we did, because the worst case scenario would have been more of the same.


"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got." ~ Henry Ford

When Donald Trump first announced his run for office back in 2015, I didn't really know much more about him other than he was a rich businessman whose catchphrase on The Apprentice was "you're fired!" Also that he apparently co-authored a book with Robert Kiyosaki.

I didn't know much about Hillary then either, but I soon learned.

At that time, I regularly followed Stefan Molyneux's channel and had been intensely interested in his "The Truth About" series; so naturally, it stood out to me when he broke rank and produced a video entitled, "The Untruth About Donald Trump," in which he went through all the gross lies the media-political complex had painted about the man, deconstructing them one by one. Stefan since went on to make several more along those lines, dealing with everything from Trump's businesses to the sex scandals going on at the time. He had many about Bill and Hillary's scandals as well, all sourced for the benefit of my independent verification.

Suffice to say, I'd become pretty inoculated early on against these types of attacks.

That doesn't mean Trump is innately trustworthy and it doesn't mean he's always right, but it did make me willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even Slate Star Codex warned of the dangers of such rampant libel by the media-political complex, who'd cried wolf about the whole "white supremacy" thing, to the point of making such accusations completely toothless.

And that was from someone who genuinely thought Trump was a full-on racist and hates him to the point that Scott Alexander took down his post because he didn't like people doing what I'm doing - using it as a defense:

Scott Alexander post

Maybe he should try talking to the other famous Scott A.

Even still, Trump was not my first choice. That would have been Rand Paul. During the primaries, one moment stood out to me above all the others and it wasn't the Rosie O'Donnell line, although that was pretty good too. No, it was when Rand started accusing Trump of playing both sides and questioning how the American people could trust someone who contributed financially to both Democrats and Republicans. For all my love of Rand Paul, I was sort of won over by Trump's response in which he said, "I don't recall you complaining when I gave to your campaign."

Rand didn't have a comeback to that one.

This exchange stood out to me for two reasons. The first is that it showed Trump appeared to believe in some of the things Rand Paul stood for if he was willing to back him financially and admit it so openly like that. The second is that it was the first time I'd ever seen Rand get rightly shot down for something, which meant Trump held the high-ground in that moment.

Beyond that, Trump never really made attacks against Rand Paul the way he did with all the other members of the media-political complex. His infamous nicknames and his linguistic kill-shots.

Rand eventually dropped out of the race and Trump became my first choice. The two of them went on to become friends and have been doing good work together. Another of my favorite libertarian politicians, Austin Peterson, is also running for Senate and he's likewise a supporter of Trump. The two of them are also critical of Trump on the things that really matter. Between that and being stymied by Congress, the courts, and the fourth estate ... to me, that's the system working as it's supposed to and it's why we have the system that we do.

Many people I admire are onboard the Trump Train while still being critical of him when it's deserved.

It sounds like I'm overall optimistic now, but I wasn't always that way. Like many of you, I feared he'd turn full-Hitler once in office, betraying his promises like Bush and Obama before him. Admittedly, it was a leap of faith, and I publicly declared six months before the election that I'd made my peace with the fact I would have a lot of apologizing to do if I backed the wrong horse.

A large part of me was just as afraid as many of you still are. But a greater part of me realized there was no real serious risk of him ever going full authoritarian, and I eventually came to rise above that fear and stop being afraid. To instead trust that he knew what he was doing.

I knew this because of all the resistance he was facing. The first child that got killed under his extreme vetting program, the media would have a feeding frenzy and never let him forget it. They would call for his head, and some people did - both figuratively and literally. I had faith in our tripartied system and in the wroth of the masses and the media. That the people would keep him in check.

Trump supporter calling for peace.

It just so happened they overcompensated and went completely off the rails

attacking him and his supporters for shit they didn't even do.

When President Trump started talking about "fire and fury" with regards to North Korea, I admit I got scared and had flashbacks to the bombing of Iraq. I thought the worst had come to pass, but I was lucky to have rediscovered a great teacher in Scott Adams who allayed those fears for me.

Scott was one of the few people to predict Trump's victory, and he has consistently been calling the plays for the last several years, but still no one listens.

I have to remind myself constantly that most people haven't had the privilege of Scott's tutelage, but even still I wonder why more of it hasn't bled out into the mainstream by this point. I do my best to boost that, but I'm only one person.

People just don't seem to understand the psychology behind Trump.

We have his book, Art of the Deal, in which he explains all his tactics of rhetoric, hyperbole, making a big ask, setting the table, pacing and leading, visualization, contrast, and so forth. All the tools he uses. We even have Scott Adams and Styxhexenhammer to give play-by-plays for free on the internet for those who, like me, didn't know anything about all that going in.

We saw Trump beat out seventeen highly experienced political candidates his first time running, so apparently experience isn't a requirement.

Still people say he's a lucky, incompetent idiot, rather than smart or skilled.

We saw him defy the pollsters and the pundits to clench victory in the general election despite being the underdog and given 2% chance of victory. People blamed it on Russia or racism or literally anything but the truth, which was the contrast between Trump and Hillary coupled with a genuine desire for change by the American working class:

Hillary Excuses
Why Trump Won

Socialist Roseanne Barr finally woke up and got on board the Trump Train,

and people didn't hesitate to throw her under the bus for it.

We saw "nobel prize" economist Paul Krugman predict that the economy would tank upon Trump taking office, but instead it shot up to the best it's been in probably ever, all because people knew Donald Trump promised jobs and was friendly to American industry. When their first prediction failed, the anti-Trumpers pivoted to claiming "nobel prize" Obama gets all the credit for that economic growth. Funny, I don't recall them giving Bush the same credit, and yet at the same time they try to tout how much better Obama's first year economic growth was compared to Trump.

Trump economic daily struggle

Stare at this image until one of those two falls away.

So either we never trust Paul Krugman on economics ever again, or we never trust him ever again and everyone else is just grasping at straws, making weak, pathetic excuses because they don't understand the first thing about economics.

Even Joe Scarborough finally had to admit after a year that the economy is driven largely by psychology.

It's tax season and so, while we're on the subject, Trump came through on his tax plan and is promising more of the same next year. Newt Gingrich, among others, has made the point that people will start to look at their paychecks and have a change of heart come the midterms. We saw major businesses give out raises and bonuses to the working class as a result of the corporate tax cuts, thereby proving trickle-down economics works, unlike the golden parachutes seen in the Too Big To Fail era, because those businesses should have gone under, not gotten rewarded.

Unemployment is down and black unemployment specifically is at its lowest in years.

We were told by the anti-Trumpers that our Tweeter-in-Chief would be an abject embarrassment to our country on the world stage, yet it seems like most everywhere he goes, people like him. There was the fake news put out by CNN about him dumping fish food into the koi pond in Japan. Or the fake story put out by Buzzfeed and, again, CNN about him hiring Russia prostitutes to give him a golden shower in some Ukrainian hotel. Just more attempts by the media-political complex to tar and feather his character, and then people clutch their pearls and devolve into Victorian couch-fainting spells when he contemplates upping U.S. libel laws.

Trump baseball bat

We can work out what to build afterwards together, but for right now, it's demolition time.

Everything's gotta go. Tear it all down and start over from scratch!

Al Gore came out of a meeting with Trump early on in the transition phase, feeling really stoked and optimistic. Obama felt comfortable with the peaceful transition of power and I really respected him for the speech he gave and how graciously that went down.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia loves Trump. I'm not a fan of the Saudis, but Prince Mohammad bin Salman at least is making strides towards moderation of Islam within his country. It's still a long way from freedom, certainly, but it's directional progress. How much of that was influenced by the Negotiator-in-Chief's visit? Seems like some rather interesting timing doesn't it? You could do worse than giving the Saudis a few guns in exchange for women's rights. By our western liberal standards, more can certainly be done, and must be done to end slavery, oppression, and barbarism in that part of the world, but we should not despise humble beginnings or snub our noses at things genuinely getting better over time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Contrast that with Hillary who, under Obama, helped oust Gaddafi - who was a bad guy, certainly - but which led to destabilization of the region until it fell into the hands of radical Islamic terrorists and now we're seeing a re-emergence of slave markets in Libya.

It's cary to think we almost had more of that kind of "leadership."

Whether here or abroad, as a libertarian, I can appreciate directional progress towards greater liberty, which is what Trump represents to me. His rule about removing two regulations for every new one added and his appointment of Justice Gorsuch can't be understated. He's been quite vocal about taking on the opioid epidemic and, while I would prefer he'd legalize marijuana, it seems like Jeff Sessions isn't putting any effort into cracking down on it either, which is par for the course.

(EDIT - Not even a day after posting this and he's already letting up on marijuana laws, kicking it back to the States. So there's that.)

At the same time, Israel really loves Donald Trump after he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He has been bombing the shit out of ISIL, oh, and guess what? Israel has a wall around its border!

Trump Wall Israel

The Pope doesn't really like Trump, but guess what? The Vatican has a wall too.

But yeah, we're supposed to hold all that in our minds at the same time as being expected to believe this supposed white supremacist knowingly called people chanting antisemite slurs "fine people," even after denouncing white supremacy how many times; meanwhile he's got Jewish family members, including his grandson and his daughter. And celebrating Holocaust Remembrance Day with Melania, along with a myriad other holidays from Christmas to Dawali.

Israel doesn't get a pass from me on their war crimes and occupation of Palestine, but do you find it credible that Netanyahu would support an antisemitic white supremacist?

Everyone's too stuck in tribal mode to recognize there may be nuance to these issues. That maybe there were free speech advocates at the rallies - or at least Trump may have thought there were - and he could support them and denounce the torch-bearing Nazis at the same time?

Speaking of timing, we had three major hurricanes ravage the country in the first year of Trump's administration, which is rough for anyone, yet he was out there on the ground helping. By all accounts, he handled at least the first two really well, certainly better than Bush handled Katrina. Puerto Rico got hit a lot worse and people like to say that didn't go as well because of racism when they don't have the first clue what the logistics of that situation are like. That Trump, and only Trump, was somehow responsible for anything bad happening because he's a white male and thus a monster; and it's not that the mayor of San Juan could have ever done anything wrong because she's a brown woman and thus a perfect angel.

By all means, though, keep doubling down on identity politics and further alienating even moderate leftists and classical liberals.

That's how you get two terms of Trump

Because that strategy worked out so well for you the last time.

Oh, remember during the campaign when Obama was playing golf and Trump went around with a big truck of supplies to various disaster zones like Louisiana to do humanitarian work? Remember him also going down and talking to the President of Mexico and doing all these Presidential things before he was even President, making Obama and Hillary look bad by comparison?

Even still, California felt justified in mocking Texas for how its "thoughts and prayers" didn't stop them getting flooded. Meanwhile, I didn't hear them laughing when wildfires burned through half their State. I bet they would have welcomed a little extra water then, given they've also been in a drought.

Karma's a bitch like that sometimes.

I'd have more sympathy for California, given how many people I know and love live in that State, but as a whole it's just been terrible to the rest of the country. I fully support their #Calexit. I think both sides would be a lot happier getting a divorce.

The people I like can move to another State. Most of them already want to for various reasons and I'd happily donate to their GoFundMe initiatives to make that happen.

But yeah, it's a sorry state of affairs when we can't even call countries that are economic and political shitholes what they are because apparently that would be racist to the people living there. Facts are racist. Can't call a spade a spade, as it were, because that's politically incorrect and we're striving to be as censorious and illiberal as Britain at the moment - where knives are banned and people go to jail for jokes, but child grooming gangs can go unpunished for decades if they're committed by brown people of certain faiths.

Or like Sweden where I hear there's a real problem with rapes, and grenade attacks as well.

Thank God we have a President who respects the right to bear arms or we might soon follow along that path. I've talked about guns enough on this blog as it is so I'll avoid it here.

Did you know that gun control is racist, by the way?

Speaking of racists, this supposed white supremacist POTUS was also praised back in the day by the likes of Jesse Jackson with a Lifetime Achievement Award for all his contributions to the black community. Jackson's now saying Trump's endorsement of him for President was fake news. Well, I guess if that's the case, Jesse, you're the charlatan who voiced it first:

This same white supremacist who was embraced by Oprah and who had toyed with the idea of her as his running mate under the Reform Party. Just try and hold those two thoughts together in your mind for a minute.

She's regarded the world over as the most-trusted person there is, so are we now supposed to believe that relationship was all a lie? I've written about her already. You can read my thoughts here.

Trump's been saying consistently since the 1980s that he's a registered Republican who leans left on certain issues like healthcare. He's been saying consistently since then that the world is taking advantage of the United States, killing us on trade. So when he brandished his tough-talking strategy, that he told us all about in advance, by threatening a trade war with China, what did the public and the media-political complex do? Everyone flipped the fuck out.

Even Ben Shapiro, whom I love and admire, went on a lengthy tirade about how stupid this was.

I really like Ben. I jokingly say all the time that he's my spirit animal. He's got some legitimate criticisms of Trump, which I respect. He strives to be fair and objective, which is refreshing. He's a man of facts, but Ben doesn't seem to understand the subtleties of political theatre or the art of persuasion; and were it anyone else but Trump in office, I might have agreed with Ben on the issue of trade, giving in more to my libertarian side and less to the nationalistic side.

Yet what happened?

China backed off and promised to start dealing fairly with the U.S. on tariffs and intellectual property, which were two of our biggest issues with them. Same thing with getting Europe to start paying its fair share into NATO.

Trump's tweet on China

He stared them down and they blinked first.

Recently, it was reported that Trump has actually made a giant step towards actual welfare reform with his executive order, much like how he worked with Rand Paul to make a giant step towards actual healthcare reform, and also defunding Obamacare (which even if you like universal healthcare, the individual mandate was garbage and had to go). He did all this while leaving Congress to punch itself out and fail to pass something more comprehensive, which is their fault, not his, because it's their job to create the law. He gave them a chance, and they dropped the ball, and so their approval rating sank below his, which was a real accomplishment in itself.

Everyone was upset about the so-called Muslim ban that was neither a ban nor did it target Muslims. It was a 90-day pause in immigration as we tried to figure out how to revamp our system. Trump didn't pick the countries. He had no authority to declare them security threats. That was Congress's doing under the previous administration and Obama signed off on the same countries for the same reason, which is why, for instance, he couldn't ban Saudi Arabia - where many of the 9-11 hijackers and Osama Bin Laden were from - and why he didn't target places like Indonesia that have much larger Muslim population but not much in the way of terror.

The only reason Trump caught hell for it was because he was Trump and he talked tough about radical Islamic terror. Personally, I thought it tragically misguided when Sadiq Khan and his wife chose to back the woman who supported the war that got their son killed instead of the man who opposed it.

Was Trump's executive order implemented as well as it could have been? No.

My heart goes out to all those innocents caught in the chaos, but at the end of the day, this is our home. We have the right to set the rules for who can come in, whereas no one has the right to come into any country without the consent of the native population.

I've written about that already as well.

Ultimately, Trump's order went through the courts, got struck down, which is the system working exactly as it's supposed to. Trump went back, revised it, it finally passed; so are we now supposed to believe the Supreme Court is also racist and Islamophobic?

How about transphobic?

Trump has been repeatedly shouted down as a transphobe for not allowing trans people into the military and ... that's about it.

That's literally all the anti-Trumpers have on that issue, that I can see. I might be wrong. Maybe I missed something, in which case, let me know what it is; but otherwise he's the most pro-LGBT member of the Republican Party there's ever been short of maybe Ron and Rand Paul. He stood with Peter Thiel on stage - an openly gay man - and got a standing ovation from the GOP establishment. Thiel was later decried as not actually being gay, just because he supported Trump.

Newsflash, Trump has helped normalize LGBT issues within the GOP worldview, which is more of that same directional progress I spoke of earlier.

If you think about where most of them are starting from - radical evangelicals who, a decade ago, would have been ok with conversion therapy - all these same people now mostly are content to go along with Trump when he says things like gay marriage is settled law. That's a lot of directional progress.

And don't even come at me with Mike Pence, because you'll lose that battle.

But yeah, what has he done that's so anti-LGBT? I really wanna know. He made a speech after the Pulse Night Club shooting talking about the hateful ideology of radical Islamic extremism and how he didn't want people who threw gays of buildings coming into this country. Yet somehow he's anti-LGBT.

There's Betsy DeVos overturning parts of Title IX ... but education should not be a federal issue, let alone public bathrooms. I honestly don't know why we're having this conversation. For fuck's sake, we prosecute rape and murder at the State level and I'd think those are just a little bit more important than where people pee. Kick it to the States to decide.

Raging Karkat

Not everything has to be a fucking federal issue!

But the military is a federal issue, so let's get back to that for a minute. Trump ultimately came to the decision - he says - because he was advised by his top brass that medical and psychological treatment of trans people in the military was a huge and unnecessary expense, which if that were true, would seem consistent with Trump's overall focus on economic issues. To me, that seems credible because his speech when picking Mike Pence also seemed to focus almost exclusively on economic issues.

To him, diversity and inclusion in the military just doesn't appear to be a priority. He'd rather focus on things that affect everyone like defense, trade, and the economy.

I understand that trans people want parity. Believe me, as a transhumanist (who may or may not be trans myself for all you know), I have great sympathy for the trans community and what they go through on a daily basis. I fully support your human rights, as I support everyone's human rights. But ... there is no human right to join the military. Sorry.

The military is not the place for hugs and puppies and safe spaces. It's about the furthest thing from that, in fact, and if it's not running efficiently, that's how people get killed needlessly.

Do I think they should generally be allowed to participate if they can otherwise do the job? Sure, but that's just one factor among many. The military is not the place for inclusivity and cultural diversity and enrichment. It's there to serve a purpose - one that's often very nasty and brutal. It's not just your own morale that matters, but those of your team and the system as a whole. If it can't function because you can't function, or because others can't function around you, then guess what happens?

Like it or not, the military has every right to discriminate. It discriminates based on ability and even on IQ. Did you know that? Below IQ 85, it's actually illegal to induct you.

It also doesn't accept soy boys and curvy people that can't pass basic training.

I'm not equating trans people with low-IQ people or with disabled people, I'm just showing how civilian life differs in its overall level of tolerance from the uniformity of military life and that isn't an inherently bad thing. But hey, what do I know? These things were decided by the top brass who doubtless looked at performance records and expenses and studies and made the call that the costs outweighed the benefits. From where I'm sitting, it appears Trump just followed their advice, which is what you want him to do, right? Listen to his generals? Ya know, that other thing his critics keep saying he doesn't do, even though it tends to work out well for him those few times he goes against them, because he's smart enough to triage good advice from bad?

Me as Meenah face palming

Christ ... at least be consistent in your criticisms, if not your principles!

For the life of me, I can't understand why the trans community actually wants to be in the military in the first place. I take that back. On an individual basis, I can see ... but the LGBT community as a whole and all of their virtue signaling allies?

Aren't most of you people anti-war anyway? At least you were when Bush was in office.

And with how much you're worried about Trump getting us involved in half a dozen wars leading up to world war three, are you really so anxious to go and die in that? I'd think you'd be counting your lucky stars at having just dodged a bullet. Most of you don't even like guns.

Speaking of war ...

A whole bunch of people lost their shit when Trump went before the UN and publicly called Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" in front of the entire world. Yet those of us who supported him laughed our asses off and had a great time, and it's we who have the last laugh again because all his ridicule seemed to work. Kim is preparing to meet in Mongolia and appears to be serious about denuclearization.

Something about squeezing their economy and hiring the right people at the right time for the right job will do that. All according to the Scott Adams persuasion playbook, but still people don't wanna listen.

Again, I do have a degree of sympathy for you people who see this and are freaking out. As I said, I would have been freaking out as well about what's going on Syria if not for the Persuasion Filter and my apprenticeship under Scott:

The first time, it made sense for Donald Trump to strike, because he needed to contrast himself with Obama, who'd capitulated to Russia with the infamous red line. He needed to show the world (or at least those demagogues and dictators therein who only respect strength and power) that he was the top dog, the alpha male, willing and able to use force to back up what he said. That he'd take quick, decisive military action without hesitation, while also employing the Nixonian "mad man" strategy to keep his opponents on their toes. Unfortunately, it also spooked many Americans as well, who didn't realize what he was doing.

He did this with Syria and the whole world took notes.

So far as I'm aware, no civilians died. He just bombed an air strip. So a military and financial loss for Assad but not a human rights violation by any stretch. Feel free to fact-check me on that, though.

This second time, Trump appears to be staying his hand, waiting for evidence, which is just what we want him to do. It's just what he should do, because no one actually wants war with Syria. Trump was in fact just about to get out of Syria and I for one think our forces would be better off at home or helping the Kurds and Venezuela or any of a number of other places.

But as Scott lays out, Trump still had to out-bark the Russians to keep Putin in check while shit went down in his ally, Syria. For all we know, Russia could have been involved. It's unlikely, but by Trump taking the lead, it keeps Putin from calling the shots. My prediction is that the rebels probably did the gassing, or some Deep-State New World Order neocon shit. Either way, we're not going to war with Syria or Russia. Trump has already paced them and is now leading them back towards the peace and friendship he desires, which he's been telling us consistently he wants.

And did I happen to mention how he's totally obliterating ISIL?

But I guess that's all just Obama's doing too.

How many more times do we have to watch these types of scenarios play out before people start to get that all his bellicose rhetoric is just bluffing? That he's actually a masterful strategist and a Master Persuader? That he had to be in order to get to where he is in life and to be so successful so many times so consistently. Luck only gets you so far.

When are people going to start getting it?

I haven't even talked about Climate Change or the Mueller investigation. Those are both dead ends too for the anti-Trumpers. Or all the petty little nothings like how many scoops of iced cream he likes with his diet coke while banging Stormy Daniels.

Newsflash! No one gives a shit about any of that crap! It doesn't matter! Is he perfect? Not by a long shot. Are there things I'd wish he did better? Absolutely! The failed war on drugs would be right at the top of the list. End that shit. End the Federal Reserve and the CIA and the NSA. Pardon Snowden and Assange. I don't know why he's not.

There is still plenty to criticize, but Trump is getting all the big things right while everyone else is down in the weeds arguing over the myriad nothings put out by a jaded and ideologically-driven media-political complex that can't stand the fact that he's taking a wrecking ball to their structures of propaganda and corrupt corporate-bought power.

When are you people going to wake up? What the fuck does this man have to do to please you? He's certainly no angel, or a white knight. He's not out to be our moral leader, but he hasn't done anything unethical that would justify his removal from office.

In that regard, he's more like an antihero:

He could bring about a golden age of peace and prosperity and there'd still be haters.


If you're interested in politics and pop culture, you might like reading my book because it's got a lot of that good stuff. Very visually persuasive, almost like watching political theatre. You can also support me on Patreon if you enjoy articles like this and want to read more. It really helps and I appreciate your generosity.

May you each find love, peace, purpose, happiness, and will in your lives.

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