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My name is Marushia Dark.  I am an author, artist, equalist, futurist, libertarian nationalist, transhumanist, political observer, and social commentator. 

I generally don't give out my demographic information.  This is by design, using something called strategic ambiguity to allow people to see themselves in me, and more easily relate to what I'm saying.  To effectively remove my identity as a factor in discussion.

By transcending identity politics, this forces people to consider my arguments on their own merits.  It doesn't mean I'm always right, but it does mean people can't reject what I say for purely partisan, tribalistic reasons.  


(At least not without it being really obvious to everyone that that's what they're doing and looking foolish in the process.)

My goal is to use my aggregate knowledge and abilities in the service of mankind, to elevate human consciousness through peaceful persuasion and civil discourse. 

It is my most ardent belief that, before the end of my lifetime (and perhaps well before that, even), humanity will witness a technological revolution the likes of which have thus far only been seen in science fiction.  I maintain that this will ultimately be a positive evolution; but that the human species will undoubtedly - and unfortunately - experience a great deal of suffering in the interim, due primarily to its own ignorance and obstinate denial of this inevitability, and its general unwillingness to do anything to prepare for it.


I aim to soften the impact of this transition through a consummate education of the public, in the realms of both fiction and nonfiction alike.

My avatar, as Meenah on a golden Iron Throne
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