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Welcome to the Darkness Files



Greetings from the dark side of the Internet.  I am your humble guide, Marushia Dark.  If right now, you find yourself feeling scared, that’s good, for the world is indeed a dark and dangerous place.


If you’re at all apprehensive, that’s perfectly alright.  It means you’re a normal, thinking, feeling human being.  Take courage and consolation in knowing that I strive to be a benevolent soul.  Indeed, as the saying goes, “we work in the dark to serve the light,” and I shall endeavor to help you navigate through this perilous place as we journey together down the path of life. 


If you’re wondering why this persona, it’s because who I am is less important than what I have to say.  Our world is presently gripped in a culture war for the soul of humanity, where a person’s arguments, ideas, their pains, their hopes, their dreams, their failures, and their triumphs can all be rejected based solely on their identity (whether real or perceived), and that has done more damage to the pursuit of peace and happiness than anything else.


It’s not that I don’t have an identity – a race, a gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity - I’m just like you in that I have all those things, but I choose to withhold them deliberately.  To let my arguments speak for themselves, independent of identity politics. 


Indeed, as a transhumanist, I choose to elevate myself above such petty, superficial differences between people, judging them solely by their individual merits.  To you, I am everyone and no one at once.  By taking your focus off of who I am, it enables you to insert yourself more easily into what I say, and to relate to a more visceral shared experience.  I'm just like you in more ways than you realize and that’s the point.  No one can judge me for who I am if they don’t know who I am, at least not without looking insane.


Is it a lie?  Of sorts; but a noble lie in pursuit of the good.


In a way, you could say I’ve chosen to transcend the identity politics of modernist vs. postmodernist thinking: the inaccuracies of left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, theist vs. atheist, body vs. spirit, black vs. white, male vs. female; remaining in the center of the wheel, approachable by all, accountable only to the Spirit and the truth.  For me, it’s not about taking sides, but in realizing that we’re ultimately all on the same side (most of the time).


I make it a point to agree with an adversary when I think they’re right, and to criticize an ally when I think they're wrong.  I have my own beliefs, just like you, and we agree in more ways than you might think – about a lot of things, in fact; but too often human beings are too busy speaking past one another to listen and learn.  Their priorities are screwed up.  They make false equivalencies and false dichotomies, dividing the world into “us vs. them” and accomplishing little in the process.


As I said, the world is a dark and dangerous place, and the way towards the light begins by facing the darkness inside one’s self, and in helping others to do the same.  To confront the shadow within and let it lead you to the deepest depths, where only ancient eldritch monsters dare to tread. 


Join me as I take you on that darkest journey, and perhaps together we just might save the human soul.

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