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Contact Info and Guidelines
Before submitting questions, have you checked the FAQ?
Twitter   ||  Gab  ||  Minds
   YouTube || BitChute || Instagram
You can reach me at the above locations to request text-based / audio interviews or virtual hang-outs.  All requests will be considered, but are not guaranteed.  For any and all audio contact, I use a voice modulator with camera disabled to preserve my anonymity.  At this time, I am not doing in-person or video interviews, though I am making arrangements to enable that in the future.  Stay tuned for further updates.
Prospective reviewers may contact me to request access to the press page to read a free copy of my urban fantasy series, Thelama.   Passwords will be reset if abused.
* Due to repeated abuses by the platform, I will no longer be posting regularly to my Facebook page.  I simply maintain it so that others can still find me through that venue if they want.  Only those channels listed here or at represent official channels.  All others are either imitations or fan-made.
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