The Hero We Need

Austin may have strong ideals, but he's a political pragmatist.  He gets what most libertarians don't, which is that optics matter. 

A Transhumanist View of Incels

We have human relationships because we need something from other people that we can't get ourselves, but that comes with an implicit mor

Law #2: Keep Your Frenemies Closer

North Korea's biggest problem is its people are starving, on the verge of economic and military annihilation.  Trump has contrasted that

Birth of the Minarchist Syndicate

The last time mankind lived in true anarchy was during the hunter-gatherer period; and though many day-to-day activities are anarchistic in

The Trade Principle

The Trade Principle is about recognizing that people don't make logical decisions.  They make emotional decisions based on their individ

Of Strange and Impossible Things

All actions have consequences but we can only affect what we do in the moment.  We can't change the past, but we can change how we feel

An Open Letter to Alyssa Milano

Part of what I've set out to do is to help people see past their ideological differences.  To work together to #HealTheDivide and to fin

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