What is John Bolton Good For?

If he had made this appointment at any other time - without first having set the table for peace talks with North Korea - I would have been

Overcoming Negativity

Life is a journey.  One we're all on together and which never really ends.  We're all still traveling, all still learning, all still

Britain is Dying

How can the same country that did so much for freedom be the same country that detains conservative journalists like Lauren Southern and Bri

The Color Purple

What's fascinating about Perkin's discovery is that it largely happened by accident.  He wasn't really trying to make the color

My Dark Transhumanist Reading List

Obviously, as an author, I want everyone to buy and read the books I've written as well, but here are a few of the ones I really liked a

Ending the Culture War

We're all reluctant soldiers in a culture war that started hundreds of years ago, by people who are all dead now, of which this is just

When Antifa Attack

For those of us in the rational center, if we're in fact dealing with real fascists who only LARP as Antifa, then that gives us the mora

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