Thinking with Portals

The beauty of this dark science is, it won't require anyone to give up their positions.  It doesn't change any of the facts or anyon


We have a GDP of $16 Trillion and a balanced budget.  It's a highly diverse and inclusive simulated State where people can worship how t

A Disappointed Dreamer

It's time we wake up and start making the dream a reality.  To realize that pain and hurt exist on all sides, not just our own.  That my

Healing the Divide

In some parts of the world, things are getting worse, and it's hard for people to see that regression.  In other parts, however, things

Thoughts on a President Oprah

My guess is, knowing nothing else about her, and merely applying the Persuasion Filter, that she would tap into the emotional state of the c

Stop Lying to Yourself!!

It's not wrong to want what the master has, but the question is, how are you going to adopt their mindset, rather than rebel against it?

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