On the Issues: Abortion (Pt. 1)

The question of: "When does a life form acquire the right to life?" is the entire crux of the abortion debate.  I maintain that th

Culling Two Birds ...

So I have something of a modest proposal to offer you.  A way to solve two problems currently going on in the world, both caused by psychopa

The Hegelian Dialectic

The basic idea of the Hegelian dialectic is that nothing exists in a vacuum.  Whether we're talking about people, things, or ideas, ever

Law #1: Never Outshine the Master (Persuader)

If you don't know who Robert Greene is, you really should. Most famously, he wrote The 48 Laws of Power, the first law of which admonishes one to give the master his due, which is precisely what I intend to do with this, my very first blog post on my new site. :) Greene also wrote another book called The Art of Seduction, which teaches you how to persuade others towards your desired ends. Suffice to say, Robert Greene is a master persuader, yet it is another master persuader and teacher of mine whom I wish to herein acknowledge. Said individual is someone with whom I've had a rather long (and long-distant) relationship with. Someone whom I would count among my biggest influences. That p

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